How to resolve laptop heating issue?

This is a common problem to every laptop user once in a while during its usage. I have seen that many of us don't have the exact idea about this unless the problem occurs. Here's everything you need to know about this issue. 

Most Common Laptop Problem
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Our Problem

After few years(or even months sometimes) of usage, laptops parts and accessories get old. Further dust comes inside the laptop due to no cleaning. Here are some of the most common reason for overheating:

  1. Internal Hardware Issues- There is not much to do if there is a hardware issue. All you can do is to give your system to the service center.
  2. Dust and No proper ventilation- This is the root cause in most cases. Dust settles in the fans which makes it difficult for them to cool down the system quickly.
  3. Abnormal System Settings- If you use certain software to overrate your computing capabilities then also you might face this problem. Overclocking will improve your performance but that wouldn't continue for long.
  4. Mining Cryptocurrency- You should never put your Laptop on data mining. Your laptop motherboard will get damaged and other components will get damaged too. Moreover, it's not profitable on a laptop.
  5. You instead choose a PC for that purpose.
  6. Thermal Dry Paste- If you have not replaced it for a long time, it can get dried out resulting in non-optimum CPU cooling. Processor heat will not be able to dispense and will cause overheating. It is advised that you should check on the thermal paste every 1-2 years.
  7. Using heavy programs and games- Everyone wants to get the best out of a machine. Many users try to use their laptop for full potential by installing applications that are more power-consuming than they generally support. Long terms usage of such applications makes it difficult for a laptop to keep working ideally.
  8. Viruses and Malware- If you are not using an antivirus solution then you are in deep trouble. With each passing day, new malware is being made to extract sensitive data, slowing down on your machine.


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Laptops Tips And Tricks

1. Check and Clean your fans- Place your hand below your laptop fan vent. If you feel that very less or no air is passing, there are high chances that dust might have accumulated. You can clean the dust by using compressed air or by using a blower.

2. Use a computer table or desk- It is in best practice to use a laptop on a computer table or a flat surface. Not only it helps in proper air ventilation, but it also makes it stay cool.

3.Controlling Fan Speed- You can set your laptop fan power usage for maximum utilization

4. Elevate your laptop- You should try to elevate your laptop by placing it on a flat, rigid surface.

5. New Thermal Paste-You can use a new thermal paste solution for your laptop. It's comparatively cheaper than other options and you wouldn't regret trying it.

6. Install Antivirus- Windows comes with built-in antivirus Windows Defender. You can consider using it regularly. Though, I would recommend using a paid Antivirus software like Quick Heal, Kaspersky, Norton, etc. 

7. Update your BIOS- Your laptop BIOS might be out of date. Check and install the latest update for your laptop model. This might resolve your laptop heating problem.

8. Test for any hardware failure. There might some sort of hardware damage that might have resulted in this problem.

9. Ultimately, the last step is to contact your laptop customer support for warranty and service.4

Try to use all these methods in sequential order. I am sure that your problem will be resolved by now.

Ending Notes

I hope that now you have an exact idea of how to avoid and resolve it in case this problem arises. Please tell me in the comment section which solution helped you in your scenario. I will be waiting for your responses­čśŐ

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