5 Tips to Change How Mobile Users Enjoy Their Amazon Prime Videos

 Amazon has fast grown from being just an eCommerce service provider to offering amazing picks in other industries too. One of the most impressive services that they do offer is their Prime Video streaming, and it is a place that we love to be, especially for their original content.

Amazon Prime Top Tips

That said, being on the platform does not mean that you are getting the most out of it. With this piece, we hope to change all that for mobile users.

1. Downloading Content

If you stream content with your mobile phones and tablets, chances are that you might want to catch up with some shows/ movies while on the move. This could get challenging when you will be passing through areas with low or no connectivity. 

After all, that means a slower streaming experience and lags for you.

Mobile users can get rid of this issue by simply downloading the content to their device for later viewing.

Tap on the download arrow that shows up on the show/ movie, and you will be good to go.

Note: Not all of the content on the Amazon Prime video service is available for download right now. Look out for those that are, and use this trick on them.

2. Saving Data

So that you do not incur too much data costs when streaming your videos, you get to choose between different streaming quality and options.

There is an assortment of Good to Better and Best. Before you start streaming/ downloading at all, check what picture quality you are going with.

The Amazon Prime video service also has a neat little feature that tells you how much data each picture quality pick would cost you. With that, you can better plan for how much data you are willing to expend on that movie/ show.

3. Watchlist Curation

We will not lie to you – there is just too much content on the streaming service at any one time. It is so much that there seems you do not have enough time to keep up with the constant streams of content.

Well, not if you have a watchlist, though.

The watchlist option allows you to save other videos that you might be interested in watching later. This beat having to go search for them at the point when you want to watch. That way, you can also rest assured that you are never going to be stuck for what to watch.

4. Content Unblocking

If you find yourself traveling, you might soon notice that some of the content that you used to have access to is not available to you anymore.

Sometimes, you might find a new show online, but you are having trouble getting it within your app.

In both cases, you are likely a victim of geo-blocking. In other words, the content creators have prevented your region from getting access to the said content.

A neat trick to get around this is to get a VPN for Amazon Firestick. With the VPN, you only connect to a different server location (where the content you want is being aired) and you also get access to it. As simple as that.

5. Try X-ray

Do you want to know more about the actors on the screen? Is the score currently playing fascinating to you?

Amazon doesn’t think it is ideal that you have to leave the app and start digging around. Simply tap on the screen, and the X-ray feature brings up all the information that you need.

This gives you everything from the actor’s biography to trivia around them. The on-screen information also contains other fanciful entries that you will find to be a nice touch.

You might not always use it, but that does not make it any less of a nice touch.

This was all about Amazon Prime today. Thanks Matthew for the tip. Hope you like this article. Keep visiting Discussbytes for the latest tech updates.

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