WhatsApp Alternatives for 2021

The recent policy changes announced by WhatsApp has led to a worldwide roar against Facebook and WhatsApp. The impact of this campaign was such that WhatsApp had to delay its privacy policy changes by 3 months. In this article, we look at the best options for WhatsApp.

Top WhatsApp Alternatives

WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app in the world. In the year 2014, it was acquired by Facebook. Facebook has been criticized for storing accessing user information which the latter uses to show you personalized ads and posts.

What was the problem with the new changes?

When 8 February 2021, new changes were announced people were not sure what is the motive behind it. Many people claimed that Facebook will use WhatsApp in the wrong way. People are worried about their privacy,

WhatsApp New Privacy Policy

WhatsApp tried to remove its consumer's doubts through formal communications including Status and 
Later WhatsApp delayed its privacy policy changes by 3 months due to public outrage and the consumer base shift to other platforms.

Is this okay?

If a user wants to leave a platform, he can be willing to do so. No one neither his friends nor the company can make him stay on the platform. 

Brief history

It is the most used social messaging app in the world. WhatsApp was founded by Brian Acton and Jan Koun in 2009. It was then sold to Facebook in February 2014 in a deal worth $19 billion.


The question arises of what to use instead of WhatsApp. Below are some of the best WhatsApp Alternatives.



It is similar to WhatsApp. It is the best alternative to WhatsApp to date. It offers end-to-end encryption with many exclusive features like:
  • Moving Chat History from Other Apps(like WhatsApp)
  • The chat in Telegram remains end to encrypted.
  • File sharing limit up to 2 GB.
  • Edit Sent Messages
  • Create Polls and Quizzes
  • Create Timestamps for videos
  • Add Nearby People and Groups 
  • Set Remainders

Signal App

Signal App

It is the newest addition to this list. It recently came in the news after the WhatsApp privacy policy was announced. Interestingly it is backed by Brian Acton (co-founder of WhatsApp) with initial funding of $50 million. The most popular features of Signal App are:

  • High on Privacy-End-To-Encryption, Proxy support available, No user data storage 
  • Typing Indicators
  • Stickers
  • Pin Chat 
  • Screen Lock
  • Message Reactions



This is a popular video and messaging client by Microsoft. It allows sending text, images, files, and videos in addition to instant messaging services. Its major features are:
  • Private Conversations
  • Crystal Clear Audio and HD Video Calls
  • Screen sharing during a video call. 
  • Call Recording and Live Subtitles



It is VoIP and instant messaging app developed by Japanese multinational company Rakuten.
  • Privacy Features
  • Full Sync with Desktop and Tablet Apps.
  • Chat Extensions
  • Viber Games
  • Viber Groups

Ending Notes

These WhatsApp Alternatives are the best possible apps available in the market. Users have many options to choose from if they wish. Most of them will continue with WhatsApp due to its ease and wide popularity.

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