Top Tips to Get the Best Out of Your Disney Plus Hotstar Account

Disney Plus is fast-rising to compete against the top streaming platforms, and for good reason. Hosting some of the best movies, series, and other related content exclusively, it is one of the best places to be right now.

Hotstar Tips

The streaming service had been available in India since last March (2020) via Hotstar. You might not be getting the best of your account yet. That is why we have curated this list of the top tips and tricks to fully unlock the goodness of your Disney Plus account.

Tip #1 – Parental Controls

You should not have all the fun alone, especially when there are little ones in the house also.

Turn on Kids Safe on Disney Plus and trust is to filter content accordingly. Whenever your kids sign in to watch a movie, they get all those Pixar movies and non-PG rated content on their dashboard.

They can stream for multiple days on end and not come across anything that will make you cringe.


Tip #2 – Watch it Outside India

If you have been on other streaming platforms before now, geo-blocking is not a new concept to you. You already know that some content is not available on your account simply because of the region that you are streaming from.

For instance, if you or your family is outside India, they would not be able to access the Hotstar account due to restrictions. However, this can be easily solved by setting up a VPN.

Before logging into your streaming account, activate your VPN, and choose a server located in India. Your virtual location will be changed, meaning that you can access all the content available in India. This way, you can share an account with friends and family overseas as well.


Tip #3 – Offline Viewing

We would like to have the best internet connection everywhere but that is not possible. This is especially true when in transit. Never let that stop you from enjoying your premium content, though.

Just like Netflix and Amazon Prime, Disney Plus Hotstar also allows you to download your favorite content for offline viewing. This content downloads to within the app (not your device), but it can be viewed offline anyway.

Anytime you feel like it, head there to watch your content.

Tip #4 – Save Data

Have you felt like your account is driving up your monthly data costs? Same here, till we found out that we can vary just how much data we spend on every stream.

You don't always need top-shelf video quality, thanks to technology. Even two steps below the top quality will show up fine – and you don't have to spend as much data on that version.

Within your Disney Plus account, set if you want your account to stream over low, medium, or high quality. If you’ll be allowing mobile networks, you can set the ‘Mobile Data Usage’ to ‘Low’ so you don’t consume too much data.

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Thanks, Mathew for the tip. Please tell us your favourite tips in the comments below.

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