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 Read all the article to know how can we make your YouTube Channel grow from Day 1.

how to grow youtube channel

Points to be Noted

1. Engage with your Audience

Whatever comment good and bad comments you get in your videos, you should always reply back to them. In case of positive comments, you can do the following :-

  • Always thank the person.
  • Try to personalize your reply for each person. This is something that will encourage more engagement in your videos.

In case of bad comments you can do the following:-

  • Everyone makes mistakes in life. Apologize if you find something wrong in your prospective and respond back.
  • Don't try to sound harsh. It may impact on your viewers.
  • Keep your response short and sweet. Don't try to exaggerate your POV.
  • Ask to mail/contact you if the person wants to discuss his views in detail.
Responding to a bad response can in fact create an opportunity for your viewers for positive feedback.

2. Promote your Videos

These days many people own and run YouTube channels. If you know any one of them, you can ask him to promote your channel. You can also promote your channel in your other social media handles including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and your blog. 

3. Create attractive thumbnails and titles

A major part of creating videos is editing. If you create great and unique content and people don't click on your videos due to bad appearance, then your efforts are wasted. This might seem like a small thing but most of the trending videos are having catchy titles and appealing thumbnails. It should be enough to tell the purpose of your video.

4. Upload Regularly

As is the case with any other social media network, you should be regular enough so that your users remember you. It is not necessary that you should upload videos every day but you should at least upload weekly. 

5. Use YouTube Studio Analytics

You can use YouTube Analytics to find out the points where you are succeeding and in which areas you want to work on. It can be a useful help for 

6. Ask Viewers to Subscribe

Its necessary to ask your viewers to subscribe to your channel. It can be done in a simple way just like saying "A sub to the channel would be awesome!". You can also do it in an interactive way using your original ideas. Please share them if you have any of them in your mind :)

7. Create Playlists for related content

If you are working on a same or a part of a similar video, you can collate them in a playlist. This can be handy for those people who are searching for tutorials on other informative information. This will not only increase your watch time but also make it easy for viewers to find related videos.

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