Using Windows XP in 2021

Time has flown by and our requirements have been increasing day by day. We are living in 2021. Do you think it is right to use Windows XP in 2021? Let's find out in this post.

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Windows XP was announced in 2001. Now in 2020, it has been almost 2 decades since the date the OS was first introduced from Microsoft. It was ranked amongst one of the most successful versions of Windows and critically acclaimed all over the world. Windows XP service pack 3 is the most latest update for Windows XP. It was discontinued by Microsoft on April 8, 2014.

Windows XP release date- 25 October 2001

Why Windows XP in 2021?

Now the question is that why you want to use Windows XP although better OS with improved visuals, performance, bug fixes, etc are already present. Here are some reasons for which you can Windows XP for your PC.

1. Using an old retro machine- Believe it or not, there is a huge chunk of people who are not ready to leave old computers for their specific reasons. Windows XP was the best choice for PC those days and unfortunately, new versions of Windows do not support those devices. Hence they have the sole option to choose from the whole lot.

2. Simplicity and User Friendly- Windows XP made the computing experience easier and comfortable for users around the world. The success mantra of Windows XP was its simplicity and improved design compared to the predecessors. Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10 have focused on many factors but the core element has been derived from Windows XP only. 

3. Running Applications and Games- Buying new software and paying for them every year is a costly deal. We would end up spending a hundred to thousands of dollars if we keep on upgrading our software applications each year. All of us won't prefer to spend such a big amount. Further many popular softwares are still supported by Windows XP. This includes the likes of Microsoft Word, Chrome, Adobe Photoshop, Pagemaker, Coreldraw, etc. Further many old games are supported and some of them face compatibility issues in new versions of Windows. So it's better to use it to play your favorite classic games.

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4. Low memory and hard disk space- It consumes very less system space compared to current generation Windows versions. It only requires a minimum of 64 MB RAM to boot up a PC. That's a lot less amount all possible due to its lightweight size.

5. Offline- If you simply want to use your PC as a standard machine without internet connectivity, you can prefer to use it.

Reasons to Avoid Windows XP

Some of the reasons to avoid Windows XP are as follows:-

1. No Supports- Microsoft has officially ended support for this operating system. Hence whosoever is using it, can be risked to potential threats from hackers and malware.

2. Lacks modern features- Many modern features related to graphics are unsupported.

3. Newer applications are not supported. This is bad for modern people who tend to experiment and use new software now and then.

4. Drivers are to be installed manually for adding new hardware devices whereas new versions of Windows do that automatically. Many new hardware components are incompatible with Windows XP.

5. Touch screens are not supported.


You need to follow simple steps to install the operating system on your PC. All you need to do is to make a bootable CD/DVD using Rufus from the ISO file. You can download Windows XP for free and activate it using the Activation Key given below.

Windows XP SP3 ISO Download Link:  

Link 1 (Prefer This Link)

Link 2

Product Key: QW4HD DQCRG HM64M 6GJRK 8K83T

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Minimum System Requirements

windows xp service pack 3

  • RAM: 64 MB(minimum), 128 GB (recommended)
  • Hard Disk Storage: 1.5 GB or higher
  • Display Resolution: 800 x 600 or higher
  • Processor Speed: 233 MHz, 300 MHz or higher (recommended)
  • Processor Type: Pentium or Compatible
  • Other Accessories like Keyboard, Mouse, Monitor, etc.

Ending Notes

I hope that I was able to address this topic to the best of my knowledge. Can we use Windows XP in 2021? Well, it is over to you. If you are having old hardware and don't use the internet much, then you can use it. Else an upgrade to Windows 7 or Windows 10 would be recommended. 

Feel free to share your views in the comment section below. 

Ankur Panthri

I choose to learn from mistakes of life.


  1. prajwal9/07/2020

    Very useful information....was searching for this the right one.

  2. The file downloaded seems to be the service pack .exe, not the Windows XP ISO. Where can I get the ISO to install from 0 Windows XP?

    1. Thanks for telling about this error. Just give me some time. I would update the article with the ISO link.

    2. Juan, I have now updated the download link. You can now download Windows XP SP3 ISO.

    3. thank you Ankur!

    4. Glad that I was able to help you🤗. You can always visit our website for the latest in tech. You can also tell me if you want me to cover any other topic of your choice.

  3. So i followed all the steps from creating a bootable usb drive with rufus and the machine i am installing on booted the drive flawlessly, however during the setup the Windows setup said that the could not be found and the windows install could not begin. There is a text file that is labeled as the eula in the iso file but windows setup doesn't want to recognise it. Any thoughts on a solution?

    1. Check the BIOS settings for the hard disk.

      If they are set for AHCI mode then change them to IDE or Legacy mode. Then try and reinstall.

      Is your PC modern or old generation? Is there any error code visible? It would nice if you can share details of your PC so I can help you.

    2. You can try making bootable CD/DVD.

    3. I am trying to install XP on a Dell Latitude 2100 netbook that has had Windows 10 installed on it but does not have enough ram or processing power to effectively run Win10.
      The first screen that pops up says "Setup has recognized the following mass storage devices in your computer: " I can then either specify additional SCSI adapters from a list, or press ENTER if i "do not have any device support disks from a mass storage device manufacturer" Upon pressing enter i see the screen "Setup cannot find the End User Licensing Agreement ." "Setup cannot continue. To quit, Press F3."

      Is it safe to assume at this point that i will have to try and make a bootable DVD? XP does not seem to want to install from a USB. No actual error code is ever displayed.

    4. You can try installing using bootable CD/DVD. Maybe you need to change your BIOS settings as Windows XP was meant for older devices.

      You can try installing Windows 7 if this does not works. Hope this helped you.

  4. Hello, i have one question do i must download one link or 1 and 2

    1. Thanks for asking Mesha. You should download using link 1. If you encounter any problem, you can use link 2.

  5. Ankur you are amazing keep this up I am now a kid who wants Windows Xp Though it is not so safe I am running of of Windows !0

  6. Thanks for your appreciation��. Its great that you praised my article. I am willing to cover new topics as per your preference. Keep visiting Discussbytes for more.

  7. RAM: 64 MB, 128 GB (recommended) it should be 128MB please correct it to avoid confusion.

    Moreover it requires all the software for connected accessories to be installed separately...

  8. Thanks for showing your concern, Trainer Thameem. I have updated it.🤗 Keep visiting Discussbytes for the latest in tech.

  9. Anonymous4/20/2021

    In the Requirements tab, you say that RAM sould be at least 64MB and "128GB"? Maybe you meant "128MB"...

  10. I meant that 64 MB is the least RAM that is required for installation while 128 MB RAM is recommended.

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