How to Make Bootable USB Pendrive

 In this post, we will talk about the complete procedure regarding how to make a pendrive bootable. All you need is a pendrive (16 GB+ recommended), ISO file, and a PC/laptop to get started.

how to make bootable USB Drive

Steps to make pendrive bootable

Traditionally, we used bootable CD/ DVDs for installing Windows or any other operating system in our system. With the advent of time, the place of CD/ DVD has been replaced by pendrives and other small compact storage devices. There are many methods to make a pendrive bootable. Here I would be  discussing the most popular and easiest methods that are best for our purpose.

Method 1: Using CMD

make bootable pendrive using cmd

This method requires no external software to be installed on your computer.

  • Connect a pendrive in your system.
  • Open Command Prompt(CMD) in Administrator mode.
  • Type "diskpart" 
  • In the new command window, type "list disk".
  • It would show all the disk present in the system. Note the drive number or letter of your removable device.
  • Type "select disk <X>" where X is the drive number or letter
  • Type "clean" for cleaning your existing files in the USB flash drive.
  • Type "create partition primary". This will make your pendrive ready to made bootable.
  • To create partition created as primary, type "select partition X" where X represents disk number or letter.
  • Type "format=fs NTFS" to format USB drive as NTFS
  • Type "active" 
  • Type "exit" to exit Diskpart.

Now close CMD and copy data from bootable CD/DVD. If you have an ISO file, extract it and then copy it in pendrive.

You can install any Windows versions using this USB Drive.

Method 2: Using Rufus

make bootable pendrive using cmd

  • First of all, download Rufus, an open public source software available for free. It is available for Windows and Ubuntu. 
  • Download Link
  • Install it using the recommended settings.
  • Now launch Rufus application.
  • Insert USB flash drive and select it on Rufus application.
  • Select "Disk or ISO image" option from Boot Selection.
  • Select your ISO file. It is recommended that you use default settings for making a bootable disk but you can change settings if you have some knowledge about this topic.
  • Select "Start" and after some time your pendrive will become bootable.

Similarly, you can use other softwares to  make bootable USB drive(like PowerISO) using similar steps.

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These are the best methods to make bootable pendrive. If you encounter any problem, you can ask me in the comments section below. 

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