New Unknown facts about Nokia

Nokia has been one of iconic brands that have sustained itself and undergo tremendous transformation from 1865 to 2020. It has been only innovation which has led to survival of this brand despite occasions of Nokia history which nearly destroyed it. 

New unknown interesting facts of Nokia

Here are some of the new unknown Nokia facts:-

1. Nokia is the biggest tech company of Finland.

2. The iconic "Nokia Tune" is actually based on music video featuring guitar work from "Francisco Trrega" in 19th century. Its got popular when it was used by Nokia as Nokia ringtone in their phones.

3. Nokia is originally named upon a river in Finland named Nokianvirta that flows through Nokia(city).

4. Nokia Snake game first came preinstalled in Nokia 6110.

5. Nokia was originally started as a Pulp Manufacturing Company in Finland. During its history of 150+ years Nokia has changed their business from Paper Manufacturing, Rubber, Forestry, Electronics, Television, Telecom, Mobile Phones, Licensing and Networks.

6. During its golden days, Nokia was responsible for 4% of Finland GDP.

7. The special tune on Nokia phone when you receive a SMS is Morse code for SMS.

8. The first call on GSM network was performed between Finland PM Harri Holkeri and Kaarina Suonia (Vice Mayor of Tampere, Finland) on Nokia commercial network.

9. At one time, Nokia was the world's biggest digital camera manufacturer, as the sales of its mobile phones have exceeded those of any conventional camera manufacturer.

10. Nokia developed its on font "Nokia Sans" in 2002 to be used in their phones. It was replaced by Nokia Pure in 2012 which is till now used in their feature phones made by HMD Global.

11. Nokia has traditionally preferred to skip phones starting with number 4 in Asia since it is considered unlucky. HMD Global broke this recently when they announced Nokia 4.2 in 2019.

12. Nokia 1100 is the best selling mobile phone in the world. About 250 million units of both 2003 and 2005 variant were sold separately (500 million). 

13. In 2020, Nokia (HMD Global) is the only Europe smartphone brand present in the market worldwide.

14. At its peak time, Nokia manufactured 210 million handsets per day.

15. Nokia relaunch of its classic Nokia 3310, Nokia 3310(2017) created a lot of sales for the brand (Nostalgia factor). It also included a new version of Snake made by Gameloft.

16. 8 out of 10 the most sold phones in history are Nokia phones.

By the way the first ever mobile phone call in India was made on this day (31 July 2020), 25 years ago, on a Nokia phone.😉

first mobile phone in india

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